A Guide To Getting A Rescue Dog


Have you decided that 2023 is the year that you bring a pet into your home? This could be good news for the thousands of dogs who find themselves homeless every year.



It is a wonderful thing to adopt a rescue dog, but there are certain things that you will need to consider before taking that step. Such as how to know which dog is right for your situation and how to help them settle in once you bring them home. We have put together a brief guide to rehoming a dog in need, which we hope you will find useful in making your decision.





Where do I get a rescue dog?



Most towns and cities have a dog rescue centre, which you should be able to find via the phone book or Google. Each centre should have been checked for good health and safety standards that will protect each dog, who in turn will perform detailed checks on anyone who is interested in adopting a new pet. 



How much does a rescue dog cost?



You will usually need to pay a fee for adopting a dog. The organisation that you use is likely to be a charity, so your fee will help to cover their food, vaccinations and any treatments that they may have needed. It will also help to ensure that committed owners are adopting, rather than someone who likes the thought of a free dog which they may later neglect. 



Which rescue dog is right for me?



A rescue centre will be full of dogs of all shapes and sizes, with a variety of breeds that will be mixed and also purebred. You are best to think of choosing your new dog in terms of personality and energy level, so that the home can help to match you to the animal that they have come to know during their stay. 



When will I be able to take my rescue dog home?



It is usual practice that someone from the rescue centre will want to visit you at your home before they allow you to officially adopt your new dog. They will check that your home is safe and suitable for the dog that you have chosen, such as a breed that needs lots of space or who requires a calm and quiet environment.



How do I prepare my home for a rescue dog



Planning ahead is essential for helping your new pet to settle in, especially if they have not had an easy life before meeting you. Know where they are going to sleep and have a comfortable bed ready. Purchase a water bowl and a food bowl, then choose the permanent spot of where your dog will be able to find them. Also, have a plan for introducing your new dog to everyone, as meeting people all at once may be too much for them to cope with.



How can I help my rescue dog to settle in?



Creating a routine will certainly help your dog to settle in more easily, such as knowing when to expect their walks, meals and at what times of day your family will be home for playtime. Spending time training your dog can also help them, as it encourages positivity and reward based behaviour, where they know that they will be pleasing you. 



For some useful training aids that can help your new dog, please visit our website.